Australia 7’s 2012 Rugby Shirts

The Australian Sevens team in the IRB World Series won the last round staged in Japan. They beat Samoa 28-26 . This was their first win in the 2011/12 season and moved them to 6th place in the table.

Australia along with Fiji and Samoa also have a new shirt provider this year Seviin and the shirts are now available to purchase on-line. Check out the home and Alternate version here and look out for details on how to purchase your choice:



Buy Australia 2012/13 Sevens Rugby Shirts and Jerseys

The Australia Sevens (7’s) have released a version of the home and alternate playing shirt. The home shirt is Lime Green and the alternate Navy and Lime Green. Both have the 5 Australian flag stars on the torso and carry the name of manufacturer Seviin below the neck, whilst their logo is on the right chest and the Australian badge on the left. The shirts will be stocked in the UK from approximately 28 May 2012. To place your order, just follow this link to the Australia Rugby Shirts page.

2012 and beyond for Australia Sevens

The Australian Sevens team are known for finishing the season strongly. This seems to be because they start with a new crop of players every season and it takes time to build them into a competitive unit as they learn on the job. The Sevens are very much a feeder operation into the 15 man game and it will be interesting to see if this changes before the 2016 Olympics when Sevens enters. Maybe the Australian RFU will look to build both a strong Sevens ethos and work it alongside their 15’s squad. Their problem will still possibly be a small player pool to choose from. Whatever happens they will continue to be competitive at Sevens.