Australia Sevens 2014-15 Asics Home & Away Kits

The Australia Sevens side officially revealed their new home and away kits in the Gold Coast Sevens on the weekend.

Supplied by Asics, the new home shirt for Australia features their trademark gold base with a unique triangular green pattern at the base of the shirt. The traingular pattern is featured heavily at the base and gradually dissolves the higher you go up on the kit. The Australia Sevens Rugby, Asics logo and Australia crest are featured on the front of the shirt. An additional honeycomb pattern is layered above the shirt. The shirt is sponsored by Qantas. The five stars seen on the Australia national flag are seen on the upper back of the shirt.


The alrtnative kit features the same template as the home shirt but coloured blue. Royal blue is seen on the upper half of the shirt while a darker blue is seen below. The same star symbol is coloured gold on the upper back of the shirt.