BaseLayer Power Improvement

BaseLayer is the latest addition to the Canterbury range of products incorporating Ionised Energy Fabric� which they have also trademarked as IonX�. The performance and compression support apparel is said to deliver ionic energy to the body through a negatively charged electromagnetic field. The outcome of this is to increase blood flow, which helps to increase the delivery of oxygen to the muscles. Increasing average power output by 2.7% and offering accelerated recovery.

Negative Ion clothing

Electromagnetic fields saturated with negative ions have been used for decades by the military, space programs and by Olympic athletes to increase alertness, attentiveness and give an overall sense of well-being. When worn next to the skin, Ionised Energy Fabrics� create the same beneficial ionisation effect. It has been incorporated into the new shirts supplied to the Rugby World Cup teams in France who are wearing Canterbury shirts. It is also said that for those not aligned to Canterbury they are using BaseLayer. The product is now available to the general public and comes in several forms.

Body Temperature Control

BaseLayer can be worn when its cold, or when its hot. Regulating temperature by incorporating the Canterbury Body Temperature Control system, guaranteed to keep the wearer cool or warm depending on the conditions.

Improve Blood Flow

BaseLayer Compression: For increased blood flow to improve performance and recovery. Providing compression in order to protect the muscles and reduce the build up of lactic acid. IonX� - Ionised Energy Fabric� The increased flow of oxygen-enriched blood brings more energy to the muscles, which increases the average power output, improving strength and speed.

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