Do you want to be a Social Misfit? when in SA with the Lions

We thought we would drop you all another reminder about the Social Rugby World Championships so please see this article from their website:

If you’re a lone wolf, wandering albatross or simply a lesser spotted tit and you want to take part in the Social Rugby World Championships then now’s the time to get your entry in! For just R1200 entry fee (you’ll receive unique SRWC2009 Social Misfits rugby kit – jersey and shorts – as part of the deal) you can now take part too.
This team will be very social and a good mix of blokes from all over the world – so if you’re planning on coming to South Africa whilst the Boks try to tame the Lions and you love rugby and want to get some gametime, make new friends and sing a lot of silly songs then The Social Misfits are for you!

For legal reasons the team will not be known as the bretheran of Conan, but rather as the more aptly named Social Misfits. So if you’re a prop that likes to play on the wing, hooker that likes to play with… well just about anyone or one of those blokes that hangs out in the backline doing stuff that backline blokes do (Ed. I’m a forward so please excuse my ignorance) then now’s the time to email Graham (you’ll find his email address here:

Simply tell him all about yourself, the important details not the intimate what-you-like-to-do-in-the-shower stuff like: Name, Nationality, Contact Details (including a valid email address and contact phone number), Position, Height, Weight and Jersey Size. He will then get back to you and sort out the details.

Please remember, there are 5 games to be played and lots of beer to be drunk, so come prepared!

June will soon be here so get that booking done now. See our Thomas Cook posting for details of tour deals.