France 2013-14 Rugby adidas Home Jersey

The French rugby team has officially released their new 2014 home jersey which will be supplied by adidas.

The shirt was inspired by the sartorial tradition at the turn of the 80’s and 90’s where the shirt is primarily dark blue with royal blue on the stomach regions with a touch of white and red on the signature adidas stripes.


On the back of the shirts feature the standard sark blue colour with adidas stripes running along the top of the shirt. The symbol of the rooster stands on his chest with pride thanks to the red field on which it is placed and at the seams.


The France 2013/14 adidas rugby home kit uses two tones of blue in which miniature chevrons are printed. The neck region features a traditional collar coloured in white.


This will be addias’ second attempt at a France rugby jersey after they had designed and produced their jerseys back in 2012. The away shirt pictured below is almost a complete invert of the home shirt where it is primarily white in colour with red, white and royal blue adidas stripes and dark blue sleeves.


France play the all mighty All Balcks this weekend where they may wear their white change kit. In previous matches between France and New Zealand both teams have opted to wear their change kits as the dark blue home shirt of France and the black home shirt of New Zealand clash.