New Ireland RWC Shirts

The new Ireland home and away shirts have been launched, as with Australia we believe these will also be for Rugby world Cup (RWC) 2007. Another offering from Canterbury they are similar in style to the other shirts we have shown you already. Ireland have stayed true to their original colours, green and white and the shirt features the Irish motif on the left chest and O2 logo in the middle.

New Shirts

2007 Irish Shirts On Sale

We thought we would offer more information on the construction of the shirts on this occasion and so we have learned that the shirts are specially designed to aid the performance of players in certain positions. Props shirts will help team-mates bind and backs have grip panels on their chests to help ball retention, these are areas where a unique rubberised polymer has been added to the shirt and are seen on the shoulders as well as chest. The collar has gone reducing areas for grip. Lycra side panels and slim fit design. The other change which will help the lifters in the lineout is grip panels in the lineout jumpers shorts.

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