Official: England 2015 Rugby World Cup Canterbury Alternate Jersey

On the back of the recently launched home jersey, the hosts of the 2015 Rugby World Cup have launched their new alternate jersey for the tournament which kicks off in September.

Supplied and designed by Canterbury, the all new alternate strip for England uses the same jersey template as the new home jersey but is coloured red. Like last year’s alternate jersey, a chest-grip panel is used for assisting with ball catching and the Canterbury logo is placed in the centre of the jersey.


This time round two tones of red are used with the front panel using the more traditional royal red and the shoulders and sleeves uses a darker tone for a fresh look. The stand-out feature to the jersey is the 3D injection moulded Red Rose emblem which pops out from the jersey.


The England flag is again placed on the upper back of the jersey for a classic look while the kit is again completed with red shorts and socks. A newly design looped ocllar is used while the sleeves and shoulders use an elegant hooped weave design.