Pacific Islanders Jersey

The Islanders shirt is a combination of colours from the providing nations and thus is a white shirt with a blue shoulder band, white shorts and red socks. The side has good support even though like the providing Rugby Unions it is short of cash, they will probably not win many games at the top level, but they will always be worth watching for their style of play.

The Pacific Islanders rugby union team or Pacific Islanders as they are better known are an international rugby union team that represents Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Niue and the Cook Islands, although the last 2 do not always provide players. Pacific Islands Rugby Alliance (PIRA) came into being in 2002 and is set up to tour every two years.

The Islanders do not have a home venue as all games are overseas tours and although they have not existed for very long they have already toured in 2004 to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The last tour in 2006 was to the British Isles where they lost to Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

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