Scotland RWC 2011 Rugby Shirts

Canterbury and Scotland have now released the new shirts they will wear for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. The home shirt is quite a radical change from previous versions though the alternate is not quite such. We are pleased to bring them to you here:

Home & Alternate

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Scottish Rugby and its kit supplier, Canterbury of New Zealand, have launched revolutionary new Jersey that will be worn at the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand this autumn. The shirt, which incorporates iconic gold detailing for the first time in the nation’s history, features the new Loop 21 collar design and latest LYCRA® SPORT fabric technology, providing Scotland with the best possible on-field support from the strongest jersey that Canterbury have ever produced in more than 100 years of kit manufacture.

The revolutionary construction of the jersey improves players’ ability to evade tackles and provides bespoke position-specific support to enhance movement. Whilst all player jerseys have extra grip built-in to the chest area to increase friction with the ball, the front five have additional panels on shoulders and lower torso to aid secure binding in a scrum. To improve tackle evasion, low friction panels make up the arms and torsos of the backs’ jerseys, whereas for forwards this fabric is centred around the lower torso.

Scotland head coach Andy Robinson said: (quote) We have been delighted to welcome some of Canterbury’s senior product development staff to our training camps in order that we could play our part in assisting in the development of this innovative new kit. In international sport we are all searching for something that will give us a legitimate edge and we look forward to wearing our new Canterbury kit at the Rugby World Cup. (end quote)

Chris Stephenson, Canterbury CEO, said:(quote) The new kit is our most sophisticated to date and, as always, we have relished the challenge to release a tougher yet lighter jersey that will be showcased at this year’s Rugby World Cup. We are proud to be associated with Scotland throughout and beyond the Rugby World Cup and it is our privilege to support them in the best way we can, with the best jersey a player can wear. We look forward to seeing them in action in New Zealand later this year. (end quote)

You can place an order for this test version of the jersey now and a pro version will follow as will children’s. They are expected into stock on the 6 July so get your order in now, just follow this link to the Scotland Shirts page.


  1. Ian Barclay says

    You would think that designing and attractive jersey in classic blue would be easy. But there you go.