Scotland U20 Squad

Here is the U20 Scotland squad selected by John Jeffrey to meet Samoa, South Africa and the USA in Wales for the Junior Championship:

Angus Dixon, Lewis Niven, Joe Stafford, Gary Strain, Adrian Duncan, Niall Shannon, Richie Gray, Neale Patrick, Steven Burton, Lewis Calder, Fraser McKenzie, Andrew Rose,
Jonny Baird, Craig Simmonds, Peter Jericevich, Ross Samson, Ruaridh Jackson, Jamie Murray, Chris Kinloch, Stephen McColl, Steven Wilson, Murray Allan, Tom Bury, Lee Jones,
Paul Loudon and Peter Horne.


  1. Michael Todd says

    Hey Rosey!!! from Zim to Scotland what a man you deserve it mate!!

  2. Bryony says

    OH MY GOSH!!! Rose, i am so proud of u buddy! run hard tonight. i’ll be thinking about u. xxx ZIMBABWE!!!

  3. Stevie Patrick says

    Well done Joe, Good Luck against South Africa and the USA, you deserve this opportunity to prove you will go all the way. Come on Scotland.

  4. Bradleys says

    Hope we get to see some of your games – well done Andrew – the Virginians will be proud!!

  5. Simon Bewley says

    Well done Andrew! You have worked very hard to get this far, just the beginning of your career, hopefully. Good luck and take no prisoners… Simon

  6. Nicky Preston says

    Great effort lads, good to see a few of my Stew Mel boys in there! All the best and good luck to you all