South Africa through to meet England in the Final

So the Springboks beat the Pumas by 37-13, but it could have all been so different.  Argentine had the best of the forward battle in the first half, but unforced errors left them trailing by 24-6 at half time and with a mountain to climb. South Africa should hold no fear for England if they play like this on Saturday! However Habana will need shackling with Lewsey out, that looks like a job for Sackey.  Shame Argentina could not raise their game, cannot see them beating France twice at one World Cup.


  1. Ian Kazin says

    South Africa for all the problems shown in various games have been remarkably consistent. They alway score more than 30 points and their opponents never do.

    Is his greatness, Johnny Wilkinson worth 36 points in a game? Maybe 18. Since England have shown themselves incapable of making tries, I fail to see how anyone can pick them over South Africa who try 4 or more tries a game.

  2. Zachariah F. Bargie says

    S.A. remain the most consistent to date and I pick them over England, this time around…

  3. Frank Lutrin says

    England are a very ordinary side and while South Africa show periods of weakness, I do not see England managing to penetrate them the way I think they will burst through the English defence. That said I don’t think it will be the whitewash we saw the first time around

  4. nokwenziwa ndukwana says

    boks need not relax to win this game against England because England is awake now after they have humiliated them