Wales dumped out by Magic Fiji

Well it was always possible and now it has happened. Fiji kept their cool and beat Wales by 38-34. The first quarter of the game was probably the decider as Wales squandered at least three golden try scoring opportunities. Fiji ask no more and were well worth this win which sets them up for a clash against South Africa. Only thing is Nicky Little was stretchered off and he would be a key loss for the Fijians.


  1. vesuki says

    go nuts ga na nomu cici, don’t spoil a great win with Kacaimaiwai’s super lame commercial slogan.

  2. Rosie says

    God be with you all the way. Congratulations!. I have been praying for the team and I have faith that you guys would do the very best till the end. Vinaka vakalevu and God will strengthen you for the game against South Africa.

    You go boys, show the world of your talent and Fiji fire. God bless Fiji Team!.

  3. Manasa says

    no guts…!!!…no glory….never mind if Fiji loose to the quarter finals..otherwise they were achieve their goal….but i think the flying fijian can flying to the semi finals too…if Tonga can nearly beat the Springboks…then why is impossible to the boys to beat themmmm….we have to legs together and two hand…two eyes…and the boys can doing it……BEST WISHES FROM ALL THE PEOPLE OF FIJI!!!!

  4. samuel says

    a great achievement for my team.
    i have been waiting for four years for this match to happen and the boys did not let my expectations down or i would say they have not let any proud fijian down and i am sure they will do their best no matter what against the springboks.
    come what may, we have given the world something to talk about.
    it might not be a fairy tale ending but who cares. we have shown nothing is impossible.
    so who knows we might just win the world cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha.. ha..
    vinaka boys god bless u all.

  5. says

    FIJI IS THE ONLY TEAM IN THE WORLD THAT WORTH WATCHING!!! NOT LIKE OTHER TEAMS PLAY FOR THEIR MONEY!!! u guys play from your heart and show the rugby world wat rugby is meant to be and shows the real islanders style of rugby……no guts no glory!!! show the world that we can beat a world class team