Wales launch new shirts for the World Cup

Wales launched their new shirts for the Rugby World Cup (RWC) in France on the 18th July. The home strip is true to the original Welsh Red and the away shirt is Dark Blue, both have the IRB logo on the right chest, with the Reebok motif in the middle and the Welsh fleur de lys on the left. Wales say that their new streamlined kit will give them an extra edge at the RWC.

Wales Shirt

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The shirt is manufactured by Reebok and uses the latest technology and ideas so in this instance has been designed to neutralise potential tackling points, reduce the risk of muscle injury and support the body in contact. The front five have a looser-fitting design to assist binding, with a more generous fit for replica fans’ kit. The other positions are very tight fitting to make it more difficult to grip in the tackle. To place your order and view other Welsh shirts click here for the Wales Shirts page.