Injury Care Products for Rugby

Rugby Football being a contact sport means that the body suffers many knocks and bruises and we need to utilize all possible means to achieve speedy repair and return to training and playing. Some of the means available to us are injury care products, these can be first aid items or supports. But in all instances if in doubt seek medical advice.


There are a variety of supports available to help recovery or to protect ankles, knees, back, elbows and wrists whilst training or playing or just simply to be worn whilst waiting for the healing process to complete. Remember that these items must be IRB approved if you intend to play whilst wearing them, though non approved items may be acceptable for training when contact is not part of the session.

Recovery Programmes

All supports including those that aid muscle strain recovery should be used in conjunction with and as well as recovery programmes given by club physio or your Doctor. If in doubt check that you are not causing further damage. Though some supports are also useful aids for lessening the possibilities of further damage or with Knee, elbow, wrist and shoulder supports they can often work as protection from injury.

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